“Wanting to make the most of my educational experience, I headed to the local hospital on Tuesday morning and offered to help wherever I could.”
Brayden Fishbook

“UBC Southern Medical Program student Brayden Fishbook was en route to Chilliwack for a family practice elective when he found himself stranded due to the province’s catastrophic atmospheric river event.

When he arrived in Hope four hours later, traffic crawled through town as torrential rain poured down.

‘I came across a hotel that was completely dark and quickly realized the entire town was without power,’ says Fishbook. ‘Cars were parked at gas stations waiting for power to return and traffic was being diverted across the Fraser River as Highway 1 was now closed.’

Fishbook followed rerouted traffic towards Highway 7 and eventually came to a standstill due to another landslide. With Highway 3 also blocked, all routes in and out of the small rural community were closed indefinitely.

Exhausted and resigned to his situation, Fishbook pulled over to the side of the road and spent the night in his car. ‘Fortunately, I had my sleeping bag, a pillow and some food I had packed for my stay in Chilliwack,’ he says. ‘It wasn’t too cold overnight and I actually managed to get some sleep.'”

Read more about Brayden’s experience via UBC Faculty of Medicine.

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