This journal club explores the area of developing a teacher identity in the university and hospital context. Which factors and processes support or hinder developing a teacher identity in this context? How does a teacher identity develop in the context of the norms and values of institutions in which teachers work?

When? Friday Oct 8th, 2021 from 3 pm until 4 pm UK time (GMT+1)
Who is presenting?  Prof Diana Dolmans & Prof Lia Fluit 
Who should attend? Anyone with a passion for and/or interest in Faculty Development

Theme: We will explore the area of developing a teacher identity in the university or hospital context which is not a smooth process given that teachers often struggle with many pressures related to teaching, clinical duties and research. How can we as faculty developers empower teachers to develop a teacher identity aimed at professional growth of teachers? 

Articles:  We have selected two open source articles for you to read prior to the event:

  1. SVan Lankveld, T., Schoonenboom, J., Volman, M., Croiset, G., & Beishuizen, J. (2017). Developing a teacher identity in the university context: A systematic review of the literature. Higher Education Research & Development, 36(2), 325-342. 
  2. Cantillon, P., D’Eath, M., De Grave, W., & Dornan, T. (2016). How do clinicians become teachers? A communities of practice perspective. Advances in Health Sciences Education, 21(5), 991-1008.

TO REGISTER: Click here: Select ‘Communities’, then Faculty Development, and then follow the instructions to register for the 3rd Journal Club for 2021.

Although this event is free you will still be required to go through the checkout. 

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