Kirsten Miller, Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics

Who inspires you and why?

While I am constantly inspired by women in leadership positions, I am most inspired by families who have faced profound challenges, including grief and loss. They demonstrate incredible strength and grace, and the privilege of providing support through such experiences is what makes the practice of medicine truly meaningful.

Tell us about a project or endeavour that you’ve participated in that makes you proud:

The development of the Sustaining Pediatrics in Rural and Underserved Communities (SPRUCe) network, which I undertook with my colleague Dr. Jenny Retallack. SPRUCe aims to provide education, mentorship, locum and recruitment support for rural pediatricians. These physicians do amazing work with limited resources and limited time off and we hope SPRUCe’s initiatives make their professional lives easier.

Best advice for students:

Gain strength from your friends and loved ones; believe the positive feedback you receive because it is true; find mentors (more than one) who inspire you; model your practice after those you admire; and in the words of authors Emily and Amelia Nagoski, remember that “the cure for burnout is not self-care but it is all of us caring for each other.

Excerpt from Beyond the Classroom: Clinical Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Kirsten Miller. Learn more about her here!

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