“Nurses in some Ontario hospitals are not being paid when they are told to go home to isolate due to COVID-19 exposure. If they test positive, they do get paid. But if they test negative, they must still stay home for 14 days without receiving their paycheque.

It’s another blow to morale for frontline medical staff who have been fighting the COVID-19 pandemic for nearly a year. On top of the regular stress of working in healthcare, nurses fear catching the virus, or transmitting it to their families or colleagues. Rafal Fratczak is a nurse at Niagara General Hospital’s inpatient internal medicine unit. After an outbreak was declared on a unit Fratczak had worked on, he was sent home for a 14-day isolation period. He was told he wouldn’t be paid.


Dr. Gupta says the policy of not paying for self-isolation could have the effect of discouraging nurses and others from being upfront about possible exposures, he said.

‘It’s almost a counterproductive measure not to support honesty,’ he said. ‘It’s going to lead to a lot more problems.'”

Ontario nurses no longer getting paid during self-isolation after COVID-19 exposure via CBC.


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