“Stanford Medicine X, the world’s most-discussed academic health care conference returns! Join us December 3, 2020 for Medicine X | CHANGE.

At Medicine X | CHANGE we will meet the innovators who are disrupting health care throughout the globe. We will see the emerging technologies of today and learn how they will impact the health care we deliver and receive tomorrow.We will explore the drivers of change through organizational leadership and creative collaboration outside of health care’s traditional silos. 

We will be inspired by moonshot thinking and learn how to grow pockets of excellence and innovation to large-scale change. We will experience empathy and compassion. We will gain an understanding of the problems that matter most in health care.

Be ready to use what you learn at Medicine X to create a shared vision of collaborative change and participatory medicine of tomorrow.”

I highly recommend it! I’ve attended this conference since 2017 and presented with Dr. Chow in 2018 on coaching in medical education. What makes the event so unique is the inclusion and integration of the patient’s voice. The patient perspective and experience are often absent in these medical education conferences and this one specifically provides a platform for patients to discuss and describe the innovations that they have contributed to as well as how our healthcare system can be better for all.

Registration is FREE!

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