“The social stigma, discrimination, and denial of rights faced by LGBTQ individuals have been associated with health disparities such as higher rates of substance abuse, psychiatric disorders, and suicide. LGBTQ youth are more likely to be homeless and to attempt suicide, while LGBTQ older adults may experience isolation and a lack of social services and culturally competent providers. To make matters worse, experiencing intolerance, bias, or discrimination from health care providers may cause LGBTQ patients to delay care or avoid it altogether.

By addressing LGBTQ health needs and working to eliminate disparities, nurses can help reduce disease transmission and progression; increase mental health, physical well-being, and longevity; and decrease health care costs. The following list includes free educational resources and reports related to the care of LGBTQ individuals, plus resources nurses can share with patients and their families.”

More here on Improving LGBTQ Health & Well-Being: Free, evidence-based resources for health care providers, individuals, and families (June 2020) by Dr. Tracy Ortelli via Nursing Resources.

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