“The problem with race medicine extends far beyond misdiagnosing patients. Its focus on innate racial differences in disease diverts attention and resources from the social determinants that cause appalling racial gaps in health: lack of access to high-quality medical care; food deserts in poor neighborhoods; exposure to environmental toxins; high rates of incarceration; and experiencing the stress of racial discrimination.

You see, race is not a biological category that naturally produces these health disparities because of genetic difference. Race is a social category that has staggering biological consequences, but because of the impact of social inequality on people’s health. Yet race medicine pretends the answer to these gaps in health can be found in a race-specific pill. It’s much easier and more lucrative to market a technological fix for these gaps in health than to deal with the structural inequities that produce them.”

More on Dr. Dorothy Roberts TEDTalk on “The Problem with Race-Based Medicine” here.

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