Over the next few weeks, I’m showcasing our #UBC Scholar Evening: Pub & Papers presentations. Dr. Tracey’s project was the audience pick for “Best Presentation”. Her research delves into the sports outreach program she co-founded and currently co-directs that’s designed to address health disparities, engage disadvantaged youth in lifestyle promotion, and to make a difference in the world.

Evaluating the Impact of a Sports Outreach Program in Urban Youth Living in Poverty in Kampala, Uganda through Documentary Film
Dr. Danae Tracey
When looking at the increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases in developing nations, there is little information on the promotion of lifestyle prevention in the youth population. To address this current gap, a global health project promoting sports in impoverished youth living in Uganda was initiated and evaluated through the use of a logic model, qualitative interviews, and film. Download the
powerpoint and view the project’s video.

Enjoy the read and thank you to Dr. Danae Tracey for sharing her work with the global community.

~ Jacqueline

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