We had amazing presentations at our UBC Scholar Evening: Pub & Papers event last week. I want to take this opportunity to showcase our Residents’ stellar work and commitment to address our community’s needs. I was particularly fond of this project as it approached mood disorders through community gardening. And as we know, community gardening initiatives help to feed and nourish the collective’s health and wellness on multiple levels.

Uprooting Mood Disorders in the Fraser Valley
Drs. Michelle Hanbidge & John Stimson
As mental health becomes an ever-important, yet demanding pillar of primary care, community gardening has been identified as a low-risk, low-cost intervention with promising results for reducing depression and anxiety. Our health advocacy project aimed to create a community garden for people living with anxiety and/or depression in the Fraser Valley and to evaluate the effectiveness of our program.

Download the powerpoint here: Hanbidge & Stimson UBC Garden Project 2020

Enjoy the read and thank you to Drs. Hanbidge & Stimson for sharing their work with the global community.

~ Jacqueline

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