One of the red dress silhouettes prepared by Grade 10 student Precious Bear-Yuzicappi at the Yorkton Regional High School. (Supplied/Katherine Koskie) via CBC.

“International examples of Indigenous-led health partnerships have also incorporated traditional Indigenous knowledge and culture. The Nuka System of Care, for example, respectfully designed in response to the desires of Indigenous Peoples who use and own it, has incorporated traditional Indigenous knowledge and cultural services over the past 30 years in Southcentral Alaska. A 2013 review of the Nuka system partnerships over a 10-year period highlighted improvements in various health indicators, including reduced emergency department use by 42%, reduced hospital days by 36%, reduced staff turnover by 75%, increased childhood vaccinations by 25%, and increased patient and client reports of satisfaction in cultural safety at 94%. Similarly, there is evidence of improved health outcomes where Indigenous-led partnerships were developed in Japan, China, South Korea, India, Vietnam, Nicaragua and Australia. Table 2 highlights several international partnerships and health outcomes that can inform Canadian practice.”

Learn more here on Indigenous-led health care partnerships in Canada via CMAJ.

Image from Red dress window art project brings MMIWG awareness from the classroom to the masses via CBC.

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