“There is a lot of fear in this current story, and until recently, the stories that seemed to have the most power are those of bitterness, of how it had all gone wrong for us individually and collectively. It has been inspiring to watch how the best comes from the worst. How people are waking up in this time of global reckoning to the realization that our connections with each other are some of the most important things we have.

But stepping back. For all we’ve had to lament, we spend very little time relishing the single biggest thing that has ever gone right for us. That we are here in the first place, that we are alive at all. That we are still alive. A million and a half years after finding a box of matches, we haven’t totally burned the house down. Yet. The chances of being here are infinitesimal. Yet here we are. Perils and all.” ~ Oliver Jeffers

Enjoy more of Oliver’s observations on how our ‘beautiful, fragile drama of human civilization’ is evolving here.

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