How Amazon, Google and Apple Plan Plan to Disrupt Healthcare: Ron Galloway speaks at HealthSpace

“In the coming years Walmart will drive healthcare by determining where many of us have major surgery, Galloway said. They’re opening 13 ‘centers of excellence’ nationwide—medical destination locations similar to the Mayo Clinic. ‘This shows that Walmart is not a store. Walmart is an IT company.’”

‘So, let’s say you live in Phoenix and you’re going to have open-heart surgery. Walmart will pay for you and a companion to travel to the Cleveland Clinic to have the procedure,’ he explained, adding that if this practice expands to other Fortune 500 companies, it will have a big, detrimental impact on local hospitals because they’ll lose income from expensive procedures (like heart surgery) which will be performed at centralized locations, rather than locally.

‘So local hospitals will be left out in the cold.’”

For the article, see How Amazon, Google and Apple Plan to Disrupt Healthcare by Andy Smith via HealthSpaces.

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