“We’ve been relying on those same runs of fish, those wild fish, since the beginning of time. When your health is their health, you’re married in that way. And I think that union creates the sacredness. To have that relationship with a single species is real special.

…If we let those runs go, then they are gone, and I do not think that we as people who are on this planet now should be okay with allowing salmon to go extinct on our watch.”

~ Amy Cordalis, Yurok Tribal Attorney

#SaveBCWildSalmon #RemoveTheFishFarmsFromClayoquotSound #OurHealthIsConnected

More on Conservation groups sound alarm over another sea lice outbreak in Clayoquot Sound via CBC.

More on Fish farm caused Atlantic salmon spill near San Juans, then tried to hide how bad it was, state says via Seattle Times.

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