A tangled net – selected interconnections between human health and activities in and around the seas and oceans (designed by Will Stahl‐Timmins)

“We cannot continue to discharge vast amounts of waste materials into our seas and expect human health and wellbeing to be unaffected. As yet we lack a clear, global vision of how to reconcile the health of both oceans and people, and how to support decision makers in achieving sustainable marine ecosystems that promote public health. Global governance will be required to deliver these aspirations. This might, for example, involve establishing a panel similar to the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change to gather evidence and promote collaborative action.”

More on Time and tide: Our future health and wellbeing depend on the oceans (2019) by Depledge, White, Maycock, & Fleming via BMJ. 

Fostering human health through ocean sustainability in the 21st century (2019) by Fleming, Maycock, White, & Depledge via People And Nature.

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