FM Physicians (left to right): Drs. Liang, Metcalf, Chen, Shokar (finally got him to laugh), Westgeest, Dueckman, Singh, Dickinson, Wilson, Husband, & Liu. Over my shoulder is our amazing Site Coordinator Ann Douglas!

Congratulations to all of our Residents who participated in our Pub & Papers 2019: Scholar & Preceptor Appreciation Evening! We were incredibly impressed with the quality of their presentations and the delivery of their content. Our Residents topics ranged from investigating gender bias to the language skills of BC’s family physicians. They also shared their findings with the intent to make a difference in the field of Family Medicine. We are so stoked to have a committed and dedicated team of healthcare professionals that are positioned to create great changes in how we think, design, and deliver care!

There was a tie for Best Presentation Award! Congratulations to Dr. Dueckman for his performance and research in “Barriers to Receiving Medical Care Experienced by Transgender Patients: A Musical Enquiry” and Dr. Westgeest for his work and analysis in  “Pre-operative Exercise and Abdominal Surgery”. Congratulations to Dr. Michelle Hanbidge for winning the Peter Grantham Resident Teaching Award and Dr. Jennafer Wilson for her CFPC Indigenous Award nomination.

We would also like to acknowledge our Site Medical Education Award winners Drs. Nader Elmayergi, Manjit Gosal, Jeff Kornelsen, Iris Liu, Thanh Luu, and Presley Moodley. The 2019 Coach’s Award goes to Drs. Nader Elmayergi, Iris Liu, Jeff Kornelsen, and Shavinder Gill. Dr. Nader Elmayergi also won the Residency Site Teaching Award for 2019. The man cleaned up this year :)! We greatly appreciate the support of our preceptors and their drive to innovate and improve our Residents’ learning experience.

We thank our fantastic administrative team Dr. Holden Chow (Site Director), Ann Douglas (Site Coordinator), and Susan Hart (Site Assistant) for designing and executing such a fun and engaging event. A big shout out to our Behavioural Medicine & Scholar Lead Dr. Iris Liu for her contributions and effort invested.

Thank you to our community members from ARHCC’s administration and foundation team, Abbotsford Division of Family Practice, as well as our UFV colleagues who took the time to join us and participate in the evening’s festivities!

We look forward to next year!


*This event was sponsored by the warm and generous hearts of ourimage001.png

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