20190523_155308_HDR_resized.jpgImparting knowledge is only lighting other men’s candles at our lamp without depriving ourselves of any flame. ~ Jane Porter

It’s that time of year where I reflect on our team and those individuals who have demonstrated perseverance in honing their teaching skills. These are educators who exemplify excellence, honesty, and authenticity in their work. They greatly value the discipline and practice of education by establishing meaningful and supportive relationships with our learners, faculty, and staff. This year I’d like to acknowledge Dr. Nader Elmayergi, Dr. Shavinder Gill, Dr. Jeff Kornelsen, and Dr. Iris Liu.

Dr. Nader Elmayergi, Cardiologist: Dr. Elmayergi spearheaded the development of our Cardiology Primer that has been locally and globally accessed and shared. In 2018, he encouraged his colleagues to contribute to the work and updated the Primer with two additional co-authors, Dr. Perminder Bains (Medical Director, Heart Failure) and Dr. Osama Gusbi (Medical Director, Cardiodiagnostics). Dr. Elmayergi strives to improve his inventions while igniting others to do the same. He recently joined our Faculty as our EBM Lead and Specialist Liaison.

Dr. Shavinder Gil, Internist: Dr. Gill is one of the most dedicated individuals to teaching and learning. He invests hours in designing new pathways and approaches to sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. Dr. Gill contributes to our academic half day sessions and frequently extends himself to our residents who may want to learn more about internal medicine. He provides us with refreshing ideas and opportunities that allow our site to explore how we can improve our Family Physician Residency Program.

Dr. Jeff Kornelsen, Family Physician: Dr. Kornelsen is a continual source of inspiration and innovation. It was through his desire to improve upon his own teaching that we developed a novel method of providing preceptors access to timely feedback via video observation. This resulted in our recent Faculty Development Initiative Grant award allowing the Department of Family Practice to further pursue the concept. Dr. Kornelsen also serves as a primary preceptor and advocate for women’s maternity care.

Dr. Iris Liu, Family Physician: Dr. Liu, a graduate of the Abbotsford-Mission program, has supported and served as our Faculty Lead for Scholarship and Behavioural Medicine for the past two years. In addition to juggling these two massive portfolios, she has championed the development of our academic events including our Resident Research Evening. Dr. Liu is also a primary preceptor and regularly teaches in our academic half day sessions. She’s nurtured the success of this site through her care and creativity.

Thank you to all of our Family Physician and Specialist preceptors. We exist and persist because of your energy and investment.

I’ll be handing out your medals and a bottle of the best darn root beer this side of Regina at our Pub & Papers evening!

Warm regards,


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