“What they have here, they call it … [a] health-care system, but it’s basically a sickness care model.” ~ Dr. Shobha Rayapudi
The Rayapudis found that 80 per cent of the diseases they were seeing in patients were related to diet and lifestyle — and changing these two factors was more effective and safe than treating chronic diseases with drugs and surgery.
Changing eating habits requires three ingredients, said Shobha. If one ingredient is missing, “the change is not going to happen in a sustainable manner. First, you have to have the knowledge, like why certain foods are harmful.…Similarly, you have to have the skills of how you can put that knowledge into place. And the third one is you have to have the support.”

More on Food as medicine: How this Newfoundland community got ‘hooked’ on plant-based eating via CBC Radio White Coat, Black Art.

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