“It’s not survival of the fittest, but survival of the nurtured.” 

Attachment Researcher, Dr. Louis Cozolino

Have you taken a peek at the UBC FoM’s This Changed My Practice Series on “The Myth of the ‘Manipulative Personality Disorder’: Taking the Blame Out of the Illness” (May 8, 2019) by Dr. Joanna Cheek? Many pearls embedded in that piece about targeting specific symptoms, exploring the patient’s psychosocial story, focusing on collaborative problem solving, setting healthy boundaries, as well as seeking to understand your own emotional reaction as a clinician. “Not only is compassion and empathy central to providing effective care for the patient (Gilbert, 2010), it is also central to the well-being of the doctor.” Learn more here.

#UBCFacultyOfMedicine #ThisChangedMyPractice #Nurture #RethinkingDarwin

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