“Confidence is recognized as one of the most influential factors to affect performance. Individual, leader, and team confidence play essential roles in achieving success and the absence of confidence has been connected with failure. While confidence is not a substitute for competency, it creates trusting relationships, empowerment, and resiliency to persevere when challenges arise.

Our study revealed that organizations with higher confidence performed higher than organizations with lower confidence. In every organization, the workforce rated the experience lower than patients; however, hospitals with higher degrees of confidence in the patient experience had better performance outcomes for the patient experience.

There are four sources recognized as creating efficacy and confidence that we can cultivate to develop patient experience competencies: personal accomplishments, vicarious experience, verbal persuasion of encouragement, and psychological states of positive expectancy.

For healthcare leaders to be successful in the present and future it is not a matter of hope to deliver a better experience but cultivating competencies and building demonstrable confidence in the quality of the patient experience provided.”

Read more on Exploring Workforce Confidence and Patient Experiences: A Quantitative Analysis (2018) by Katie M. Owens and Stephanie Keller via Patient Experience Journal.

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