Join Carolyn to explore “relationship-based care” for better patient experiences and outcomes, and to provide a more rewarding professional life. Understanding your patient’s care goals, expectations, fears, values and social landscape can build greater patient self-efficacy and initiative, and also daily opportunities to see how you are making a difference in lives. She will draw on her own experiences in uncovering new dimensions to patient harm, strategies for greater patient safety and developing systems resilience from an ecosystem perspective of care. Co-design and co-delivery with patients and family members as your improvement partners offers refreshing innovation and collaboration as a regular part of the workday. We’ll describe small practices that can deliver big rewards for everyone.

Academic Half Day
Thursday, April 25, 2019
ARHCC Baker 103 Conference Room
9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Preceptors and Clinical Educators are welcome to attend!

Carolyn Canfield works as a citizen-patient across Canada and internationally to expand opportunities for patients, carers and communities to partner with healthcare professionals. Following personal tragedy in 2008, her full-time volunteering has earned her recognition as Canada’s first Patient Safety Champion in 2014, appointment at UBC as Adjunct Professor in the Department of Family Practice, and membership on UBC’s MD Admissions Subcommittee member. She co-founded BC’s Patients in Education(PIE) and the national Patient Advisors Network (PAN) to develop capacity and leadership in citizen-patients.

The recent “patient engagement” issue of Longwoods’ Healthcare Quarterly, featured Carolyn’s commentary: “The Capacity for Patient Engagement: What Patient Experiences Tell Us About What’s Ahead.”

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