“On nights when I see my wife and daughter together, dancing across our living room floor, Beyoncé on the speaker and my baby leading the choreography, I’m almost brought to tears. It’s not that every small moment is now overflowing with emotion — I’m just more present while deciding on a board game to play or what takeout to order, less distracted, less focused on what’s happening tomorrow, or how dominant I am in a game of Uno.

I’ve given myself permission to feel it all, every single emotion. The good and bad alike. My own personal narrative has always been one of overcoming adversity and remaining strong for those around me. I still am, but I am also able to admit that sometimes I’m scared.” Trymaine Lee on My Life After a Heart Attach at 38 via The New York Times.

Eiko Ojala designs the most wonderful paper illustrations! His recent editorial illustration showcased above accompanied Lee’s NYT article. Eiko’s latest work focuses on the mind and body. You can view more of his brilliant creations here and here.

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