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“The Women’s Health Institute designed three integrated practice units, one each for pelvic floor disorders, chronic pelvic pain, and vulvar disorders. We chose the IPU model because it surrounds a patient with the expertise to treat her condition and holistically meet her needs. Circling the providers around a woman in a single clinical setting also reduces inefficiencies in care coordination for the subspecialist, patient, and her family.”

Rebecca Rogers, MD, Haley Gardiner, MPH, CHES, Stephanie Nutt, MA, MPA & Amy Young, MD in An Innovative Approach to Treating Complex Gynecologic Conditions

What I love about this piece is it made me ponder what informs and structures an undergraduate or post-graduate curriculum. Maybe we need to design, build, and illustrate our curriculum in this concentric circle model to illuminate the internal and external factors and agents that impact the delivery of care and their proximity to the patient’s experience and outcome. I think taking that approach would educate the learner on the systems that influence a patient’s journey as well as help them identify where gaps or issues exist. Furthermore, the learner better understands the meaning of their role and how their care is positioned within the larger context of treating complex conditions.

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