Canadian Association for Medical Education (CAME) Webinar Series (Feb 2019)
Diagnosing students/residents in difficulty and providing appropriate pedagogical interventions
Dr. Miriam Lacasse
Feb 12, 2019 | 1200-1300 PM
Diamond Health Care Centre, 4th Floor Room 4115 & UBC Campus, Life Sciences Centre, Room 1312CMR

Overview: Why do clinical teachers have such difficulty acknowledging that a student is in difficulty? One underlying reason is a lack of information about remediation options.

In this webinar, participants will use the analogy of a clinical reasoning process to analyze and take an organized approach to dealing with the daily problems facing learners in difficulty. They will learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of students in difficulty, how to make a pedagogical diagnosis that takes into account the various dimensions of learning, and how to use a list of relevant pedagogical interventions generated by a BEME systematic review to help learners in difficulty advance in their learning ( ).

You can also attend from your office or home by completing the following simple steps:

  1. Register at this link:
  2. Once you’ve received your confirmation, send it along with a request to Faculty Development at: asking for a link to attend from your personal computer. You will need a webcam and microphone.

If you happen to be more centrally located, you or your site can request a link, particularly for Victoria, Prince George, Kelowna – please email Fac Dev at the address in step 2 to have your venue set up.

(Thank you Theresa!)

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