Food activist and chef Joshna Maharaj launches a movement to Take Back the Tray.

“Patients in hospital need to eat nutritious food to heal. Yet research suggests that 51 per cent of young children admitted to hospital in one study lost weight, as did nearly 45 per cent of adult patients. Some are too sick to eat. Many others leave the food tray untouched, leading to about 1.3 kilograms of food per bed to be thrown out each day. By one Canadian estimate, about half of the food placed at patients’ bedsides went to waste.”

More on How Bringing Room Service to Hospitals Can Help Patients Heal (via CBC Podcast)

UBC’s Preceptor Role Description is available! Download here.

Hat tip to brain scientist and fellow mountain climber, Dr. Todd Maddox, for his fantastic article on the learning science of expertise. Thank you Todd for sharing your work and brilliance! More here on Building Healthcare Expertise with Virtual Reality.

Hot off the press! The digital transformation of physician-patient consultations: Identifying problems and approaches to improve adherence (Thanks Bonnie!)

Great piece out of the New Yorker. The personal toll of whistle blowing: Why one physician took the risk of becoming an F.B.I. informant to expose alleged Medicare fraud by Sheelah Kolhatkar.

The models and access atlas to primary care: British Columbia.

Territories by Land. What a beautiful map!

Ten things to never apologize for again.

Neurotech startups to watch.

Diagnosing diseases by smell: Artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and molecular technology intersect. NaNose!

Physician health: A review of lifestyle behaviours and preventative health care among physicians by Katie Wiskar.

The supply of physicians in Canada: Projections and assessment (via Fraser Institute)

How to better care for seniors living with HIV (via The Star Vancouver)

Bill of the month! Amazing to learn what an allergy test can cost in the US (via NPR)

The science of stress and how our emotions affect our susceptibility to burnout and disease (via Brainpickings)

Snow is forecasted this Sunday so please drive safe and be prepared for slippery conditions.

Have a great weekend!


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