Hope all is well! I know! I know! You’re all itching to hear how the 1st Annual Resiraptors vs. Precipitators Volleyball Tournament went down this past Saturday! Ok! Here’s the scoop from the most accurate source! 🙂

If you’ve talked with one of our Precipitators, you may have heard that they were victorious. This is not entirely accurate. The original tournament was set for the best out of 3 games. The Precipitators took the first game; however, the Resiraptors came back strong dominating the court with sheer power and finesse and easily won the next two.

We were elated and engaged in our celebratory Resiraptor Roar when Dr. Chow disrupted us and insisted that we play to 5 games. Who are we to argue with the Site Director? Dr. Chow wields enormous influence within the group and we felt inclined to appease him following our rehydration break.

The Resiraptors returned to the courts, possibly suffering from bloat, and subsequently lost the next two games. They were all exceptionally close matches that could have gone either way. Although the Precipitators have claimed #1, we are okay with #2 for now. Number 2 has far more substance to it and the second mouse always gets the cheese!

To acknowledge the Precipitators semi-victory, I’ll be dropping off our Henry Weinhard’s Award, best root beer this side of Manitoba, to each of your offices. Enjoy it…because next time you’re serving us! That’s right Dr. Dueck…now we got bad blood and we’re coming for you!

Wanna watch how it all went down?

Dr. Liu…Dodgeball it is! I’ll be sending out an invitation soon! Resiraptors vs. Precipitators Dodgeball 2016!

The Precipitators 2016 Team
Dr. Pres Moodley
Dr. Holden Chow
Mr. Elan Chow
Dr. Jody Ching
Dr. Iris Liu
Dr. Ken Dueck
Dr. Trent Loewen
Dr. Reg Peters

The Resiraptors 2016 Team
Dr. Alex Enns
Dr. Bruce Griffioen
Dr. Adam Siemens
Dr. Geoff Friderichs
Dr. Chelsea Wiksyk
Dr. Louai Musa
Dr. Jordan Wright
Coach Jacqueline Ashby


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