“This cake was 3D printed using seven simple ingredients blended into pastes. The result was a layered flavour that ‘hits you in different waves’, says Jonathan Blutinger at Columbia University in New York.

Blutinger and his colleagues grabbed seven ingredients from local grocery stores: graham crackers, peanut butter, strawberry jam, Nutella, banana puree, cherry syrup and frosting.

They put anything not already in a paste form into a food processor. That allowed a 3D printer to build up the cake by depositing the seven paste-like food ingredients in layers – a process resembling how people might squeeze out a tube of frosting.”

Footage: Jonathan Blutinger / Columbia Engineering

I wonder what the application of this technology could be in a hospital setting. More on “Understanding hospital staffs’ perspectives on what leads to quality food provision in Ontario hospitals” via J. Hum. Nutr. Diet.