“The Fraser Valley Biennial exhibition always promises to be a dynamic, collective representation of exceptional artwork produced in the last two years by artists who call the Fraser Valley region home. Since its start in 2011, the Biennial has showcased the work of more than 250 local and regional artists, many of whom we have seen go on to other exciting opportunities and great successes!

For the 2023 Biennial, we are pleased to welcome guest curator Candace Couse, who recently joined the Department of Visual Art at the University of the Fraser Valley as an Assistant Professor. Couse has set the theme for this year’s Biennial as ‘the body,’ and has encouraged artists to explore this concept as broadly as possible. The resulting exhibition includes work in a variety of media that approach ‘the body’ through a variety of lenses, including: issues of ability and disability, disease, strength and resilience, athleticism, tissues/organs/microorganisms, the five senses, and the relationship between the body and technology. Throughout the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to reflect on the body as both a literal and symbolic object, as well as on their own embodied experiences.”

Learn more via The Reach Art Gallery.

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