Q. How do I initiate a WorkSafeBC claim for a patient with an injury or disease I think might be related to the workplace?
A: Your initial examination and treatment start injured workers on the path to recovery. As the patient’s physician, you are an important partner in that process. When your patient comes to you for initial treatment of a work-related injury or disease, fill out a Form 8. Please complete and submit the form as soon as possible after treating an injured worker for the first time; the sooner the claim is registered, the sooner your patient can receive applicable health care and wage loss benefits.

Physicians are reimbursed on a scale for Form 8/11 submission, which reflects the importance of your patient’s ability to access benefits in a timely way. Reimbursement is highest if the form is submitted on the first day the injured worker is seen, with decreases each day after that. Physicians will not be reimbursed if the form is received by WorkSafeBC 6 business days or more after the injured worker is seen.

Please ask your patient if they have reported their injury to WorkSafeBC. If they haven’t, remind them to call WorkSafeBC Teleclaim (604 231-8888 or 1 888 967-5377 toll-free).”

Read more on WorkSafeBC and your patients with workplace injuries: Frequently asked questions via BCMJ.

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