Greetings Residents & Preceptors,

I wanted to forward out additional resources for your exam preparation and for those assisting in the process at their sites. The CFPC has posted a series of videos and guidebooks that I encourage you to review.

SAMPs: April 11-13, 2023
SOOs: April 22-23, 29-30, 2023
More on exam dates here.

CFPC’s “Quick Links” to the exam via the CFPC.
Virtual simulated office oral candidate training resources via CFPC.

For those interested in serving as examiners, visit “Get Involved” via CFPC.
The CFPC has also posted a video designed to prepare examiners.
See Simulated Office Orals for Examiners: Overview and Q&A below.

To learn more, visit the CFPC.

Happy Holidays :),


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