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Thanks for being here–you made the right choice! We’re the Abbotsford-Mission Family Practice Residency Team based out of Abbotsford and Mission, British Columbia, Canada. We’re passionate about medicine, your educational journey, and delivering the best care to our community. We know you have several choices ahead and we’re here to help you in making the right decision for your future. Let’s get started!

Highlights of the Abbotsford-Mission Site

Cardiology’s Bat Signal ❤

Our program admins do a spectacular job matching us up with our family clinics and preceptors. There’s a questionnaire sent out before the start of residency which is almost eerily good at placing you in a clinic with aligned interests–whether that be dermatological procedures, women’s health, long-term care, or anything else that strikes your fancy!

One of the benefits of our program is that our residents complete a 4-week Cardiology rotation with the Cardiologists at their offices and in the CCU. The Cardiologists have a group chat with residents (aka “The Bat Signal“) inviting us to participate in procedures such as cardioversions, central lines, and pericardiocentesis.

We have a Youth Clinic that is part of the Foundry. The Foundry is a centre that provides health care and mental health services to vulnerable youth. We work evening shifts there during our Pediatrics and Psychiatry rotations.

We allow 18-20 weeks of elective time depending on your needs during your R2 year.

We have a weekly Academic Half Day on Thursday mornings, which is always a good time! This includes monthly ECG rounds led by one of the cardiologists, regular SIM lab training so you can navigate emergencies in a reduced pressure environment, and informative presentations from staff and residents.

Academic half day is followed by an afternoon in your family clinic. This allows for continuity of care for many of your patients and gives you the opportunity to see your preceptor and MOA’s friendly face every week! We also have family blocks of 2-6 weeks sprinkled across the year, so you get block-based family exposure.

With the exception of Obstetrics, all of our call shifts end at 2300. This means you get to go home and sleep in your own bed. There’s also an option to do 24hr call, which is great for seeing high-acuity ward emergencies and an excellent option if you’re considering hospitalist medicine.

Abbotsford hosts UBC ICC students from Chilliwack or elective students in the hospital. You will sometimes be on rotation with them or see them in the resident lounge. This provides an opportunity for resident-led teaching.We have our own space in the resident lounge, which comes equipped with a Keurig and snack locker. It’s a great place to catch up with your fellow residents and complete your dictations.

All residents complete two weeks of Nephrology as a core rotation in R1. This is a great rotation to learn about chronic kidney disease, working up AKIs, and better understand how dialysis works. Most residents also get to participate in starting dialysis lines as well.

All residents also complete two weeks in Anesthesia, which comes with practice managing airways for a variety of different procedures and a better understanding of cardiopulmonary physiology/pathology.

We’re convenient! When you move to Abbotsford everyone is able to get to the hospital or their family medicine clinic within a ten-minute drive. We also have our own Walmart and Costco for your shopping pleasure!

2nd year call is “Choose Your Own Adventure“! Residents can choose Hospitalist, Emergency, Peds ER, Youth Clinic, Obstetrics, and CCU.

There’s an Addictions Medicine rotation integrated into the second year core curriculum. This highlights the social context of disease and familiarizes residents with the key principles of managing a complex psychosocial illness.

Special interest opportunities in Youth Medicine, Prison Medicine, Maternity Care, and Telehealth.Generally the only learner on each rotation. This means that you receive 1-on-1 education from staff that is tailored to your skill level and understanding. This also means that you’re first in line for choosing consults, procedures, and all the other cool things you’ll encounter!

Abbotsford and Mission doctors, regardless of their specialty, are extremely kind and love to teach residents. Many of the in-house specialists are happy to have you tag along for practice with procedures and skills – everyone at ARH is extremely nice and happy to make your residency experience the best one it can be!

Abbotsford is a close-knit town that’s easy to integrate into. You’ll find yourself included on all sorts of socials, both in our resident group and with your clinic/rotation. There’s lots to do including many local breweries, delicious dining options, and blueberry/fruit picking in the summer (we’re the blueberry capital)!

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have! Send your emails to abbyresidents@gmail.com.

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