“British Columbia announced several new measures to bring more doctors to the province, amid an ongoing shortage of physicians and strained emergency departments.

Premier David Eby says the province is tripling the number of seats in the Practice Ready Assessment program, going from 32 spots to 96 by March 2024.

The program allows internationally-educated family doctors to become licensed to work in B.C, placing them in rural and urban communities who need more physicians and requiring they work that placement for at least three years. 

Eby says the pandemic has exposed challenges and added further strains in the health-care system, with too many British Columbians struggling to find a family doctor.

Some, he said, are proposing to respond to that stress by undercutting the principles of universal public health care and promoting an approach that would allow the wealthiest to buy their way to the front of the line. He insisted the public system is the only way forward, calling it one of Canada’s greatest achievements.

“‘We can’t privatize our way to a better health-care system and we can’t cut supports and get more doctors,’ Eby said.”

B.C. announces plan to license more internationally trained doctors via CBC News.

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