“’We developed SnapCyte based on a need for affordable, basic cell analytics that can be accessed by any scientist working in a cell culture or biotechnology laboratory,’ says Dr. Mads Daugaard, an associate professor of urologic sciences at UBC and senior research scientist at VPC. ‘This app makes commercially available affordable, high-performance laboratory technology that can be conveniently accessed on a smartphone.’

Used in the analysis of cancer cells and other diseases at a microscopic scale, the first-of-its-kind smartphone app aims to supercharge the development of novel, personalized medical treatments. Dr. Daugaard and his team at VPC, a Centre of Excellence hosted by UBC and the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute, developed the technology based on their own need for fast and accurate cell growth data. Now, they want to bring the breakthrough technology to researchers around the globe.

‘The app returns precision data results within five minutes,’ he says. ‘With the former technology, this process would normally take 45 minutes to an hour with the most high-end live-cell imaging and analysis platforms, or 24 hours with colorimetric assays.’”

More on AI cell analytics app aims to supercharge biotechnology research via UBC.

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