Jean-Baptiste Marc Bourgery, 1831-1854.

“The National University Health System in Singapore has started a research and development programme to explore the use of mixed reality technology in clinical care. 

In a press statement, the healthcare group said a team of neurosurgeons from the National University Hospital has studied the potential of holographic technology to locate brain tumours during surgeries.


In a proof of concept demonstration, a holographic visor was used to create a 3D hologram of a patient’s brain scan that was projected into space and superimposed onto a patient’s head during surgery.

The hologram was generated using a 3D medical software called Virtual Surgery Intelligence by German medical MR platform developer apoQlar. 

The MR technology enables surgeons to identify tumours ‘quickly and precisely’ and know their exact location and which angle to make an incision. Surgeons can also view the holographic image from different angles, as well as interact with and control it by gesture and speech recognition.” 

Read more on NUHS demonstrates use of holographic tech in brain surgery: The healthcare group has started exploring the use of mixed-reality tech in clinical care via HIMSS.

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