“As an educator, I want to believe that knowledge equals actions for a more just society, but has our understanding of the deadly impacts of structural oppression translated into the structural change needed?

In this talk, I will talk about what it means to move from episodic reactions that garner largescale attention (e.g. the murder of George Floyd) to a long-term commitment to addressing systemic oppression. The latter requires understanding of different historical, geopolitical and economic forms of structural oppression and how they are both dissimilar and interconnected (e.g. the role of eugenics in reinforcing racism and ableism). What does it mean to go beyond a checklist to transforming what and who we value and based on this how we structure and govern health care? Throughout the presentation, I will introduce examples of organizations that have stimulated structural change grounded in anti-oppressive practices. I will then open up a conversation about ways we can think about and galvanize structural change in health professions education.”

Speaker: Dr. Michelle Stack
Department of Educational Studies, UBC
Title: We Just Didn’t Know! Going Beyond Reactive Calls for Justice to Structural Transformation 
Date: October 12, 2021
Time: 12:00pm to 1:30pm

Registration is free. Learn more here.

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