Congratulations to our own Ann Douglas for receiving the Site Administrator Award for 2020-2021!

Since starting at the Abbotsford Site in 2016, Ann has mentored many new administrators. In the area of leadership, Ann represented the FP administrators as part of the Coordinators Advisory Group, bringing site experience and perspective to the PGME level. Ann asks thoughtful questions at monthly administrator meetings and through the Listserv, propelling conversation forward, offering solutions, and answering other administrators’ questions in a thorough and straightforward manner.

Professionally, Ann brings thoughtfulness and a healthy dose of humour and perspective to every situation. Quotes from those who nominated her included, “Ann is helpful, receptive to new ideas, and asks smart questions. She is tuned in to the finer details of our program. This highlights her commitment.” and “I trust that her knowledge and experience with our program will come through as a voice for all staff and she is able to advocate for us.”  

We love you Ann! Thank you for all you do for our site and for the program at large.

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