“A new lab at UBC is bringing together a team of researchers, ranging from doctors and health economists to business experts, to combat the growing environmental impacts of the healthcare industry.

The Planetary Healthcare Lab—representing the first of its kind in Canada—will not only examine the environmental effects of healthcare delivery and services in B.C., but generate solutions to chart a path forward to net zero emissions.

‘The health of our communities is inextricably linked to the health of the environment, which is why every industry needs to take a critical look at its activities, including healthcare,’ says the lab’s founder and principal investigator Dr. Andrea MacNeill, a clinical associate professor in UBC faculty of medicine’s department of surgery.

In Canada, the healthcare industry is responsible for more than four and a half per cent of greenhouse gas emissions—equivalent to the aviation industry.”

Learn more here on UBC launches new lab to combat healthcare’s environmental impact via UBC Faculty of Medicine.

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