“We need to broaden our understanding of consent and start thinking of it as a verb, not a noun. To consent is an active, ongoing agreement, not a checkbox to be ticked. When talking to young people, we have an opportunity to show them what it’s like to communicate with care for another person, checking in and respecting them as the authority on what they’re feeling. If we normalize consent everywhere, by the time someone is ready for a sexual experience, they will know that they’re allowed to ask questions, stop at any time, and most importantly, to enjoy themselves.

Children are our future, and they will learn to give care in the ways we give care. Sexual consent doesn’t have to be a mood killer or ‘the talk’ either. Like circus, it can be joyful, fun, and exciting. Our intimate experiences should not only be safe, but as thrilling as flying through the air.”

~ Adie Delaney

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