As the Canadian economy re-opens, men are returning to work more quickly than women.

“’By this point it’s become clear that the pandemic is not the ‘great equalizer,’ said sociology professor Sylvia Fuller, who conducted the study along with UBC colleague Yue Qian. ‘Yes, we’re all living with the threat of sickness and with fallout in terms of change to our daily lives, but just as some people have proved to be more vulnerable to getting really sick, some groups are more vulnerable economically and socially as a result of the pandemic. What we’re seeing here is mothers rather than fathers having their employment really dramatically impacted.’
The data points to the importance of a robust and well-funded public child care sector, Fuller said, and other policy measures that will help less educated mothers return to the labour market.

‘If this persists as the economy opens up, if parents are still facing a summer with limited child care available, summer camps being closed, and uncertainty with schooling in the fall, then there’s a real danger that the pandemic will open up fault lines in men’s and women’s employment that will increase inequalities for a long time to come,’ said Fuller.”

More here on Gender employment gap among parents increases over first three months of pandemic via UBC News.

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