CHES distributes a collection of medical education article abstracts to members. “We thank Dr. Gisèle Bourgeois-Law who has created these summaries for the education community at the Island Medical Program. While these articles have a medical education focus, we are using this opportunity to explore the value of such an initiative to our larger CHES community. Article themes include topics such as: feedback and mindfulness, those by local/BC educators, those relevant to a distributed medical program, and those with new ideas. Our aim is to include a variety of quantitative and qualitative research articles, review articles, and concept articles, some of which contain an interesting editorial or commentary. This summary is not meant to be comprehensive, nor to include everything of potential interest.”

If you would like to nominate an article for future inclusion or have any questions, please email

A couple that caught my eye on the list:

Cognitive dissonance: how self‐protective distortions can undermine clinical judgement
Jill Klein & Geoff McColl
Medical Education 53 (12) December 2019, Pages 1178-1186

Allowing failure for educational purposes in postgraduate clinical training: A narrative review
Jennifer M. Klasen & Lorelei A. Lingard
Medical Teacher Volume 41, 2019 – Issue 11 pp. 1263-1269



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