“Good family medicine residents commit to a study methodology early. They create a study calendar in December and cover one topic per day. They study using only three resources. They download the 99 App and carry their spiral-bound Family Medicine Notes to clinic. They treat every office encounter as a mock SOO. If they are still on iOS, they realize that now would be a good time to switch to Android, as the app is only available on the latter. They quiz themselves with the Family Medicine Study Guide App.

Bad family medicine residents look for a ‘golden approach’ that works, without accounting for their unique strengths and weaknesses. They spend months switching study tactics in the hope of finding the secret approach that works. It doesn’t work.”

More on The Bad Family Medicine Resident’s Guide to the CCFP Examination by our former UBC Abbotsford-Mission Family Medicine Resident, Dr. Joseph Westgeest, currently residing and practicing in beautiful Halifax.

Thank you Joseph for taking the time to compose your thoughts and experiences in preparing for exams.

Warm regards,


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