Bubbler.jpg“A majority of public schools in Abbotsford and Mission use water with lead above a recently adjusted threshold set by Health Canada.

In March 2019, Health Canada halved the acceptable amount of lead concentration in water from .01 to .005 mg/L, putting 25 out of 34 schools in Abbotsford, and 14 out of 16 schools in Mission, over the limit.

The Abbotsford School District is now contracting an independent laboratory to test all of the schools that failed the water test and locate any contaminated water sources, according to the district’s manager of communications, Kayla Stuckart.

‘Staff will be taking action at each of the affected school sites to ensure the drinking water for students and staff is only available from fountains and sinks with water quality meeting health standards,’ Stuckart said.

The schools which failed water tests are listed below with their percentage above the Health Canada limit.”

Barrowtown Elementary: 50%
Mt Lehman Elementary: 37.5%
Godson Elementary: 33.3%
Dormick Park Elementary: 33.3%
Centennial Park Elementary: 30%
Wj Mouat Secondary: 27.8%
Aberdeen Elementary: 25%
Start Technologies: 25%
John Maclure Elementary: 20%
Wa Fraser Middle: 16.7%
Abbotsford Art Center: 16.7%
Clearbrook Elementary: 16.7%
Abbotsford Virtual School: 16.7%
Dr Thomas A Swift Elementary: 16.7%
Prince Charles Elementary: 16.7%
Center For Resources For Education: 16.7%
South Poplar Elementary: 16.7%
Bakerview Center For Learning: 14.3%
Asia North Poplar Elementary: 12.5%
Ross Elementary: 12.5%
Aboriginal Education Center: 12.5%
Upper Sumas Elementary: 12.5%

École Les Deux Rives: 100%
Albert Mcmahon Elementary: 83.3%
Dewdney Elementary: 78.6%
Fraserview Elementary: 70%
Hatzic Middle School: 64.3%
Hatzic Elementary: 62.5%
West Heights Elementary: 60%
E.S. Richards Elementary: 44.4%
Silverdale Elementary: 44.4%
Cherry Hill Elementary: 40%
Hillside Elementary: 33.3%
Mission Secondary: 30.4%
Mission Central Elementary: 28.6%
Ferndale Elementary: 25%

More on Most public schools in Abbotsford and Mission have water contaminated with lead 25 out of 34 Abbotsford schools have been found to have lead above the Health Canada limit via Abbotsford News.

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