infographic-laws-policies.jpg“One of the issues for me around abortion is that no one discusses it. The lack of understanding about the people who do abortions and the patients who get abortions is a problem as well as the lack of understanding about how many women get abortions and how common it is. Anything that can help dispel myths, that can bring abortion to the dinner table conversation, that can bring abortion topics into normal day-to-day life is important.”  Dr. Deborah Oyer, Family Medicine Physician

Additional resources on the topic:
Our Bodies Our Doctors (2019) documentary on the experience of family physicians, OBGYNs, and healthcare professionals who provide safe abortion care.
Where do abortion rights in Canada stand today? via CBC News
Abortion barriers in Canada are back in spotlight following passage of abortion bans in U.S. (2019) via CBC
Healthlink BC: Abortion
Medical Students for Choice
A Broad Vision for Reproductive Justice (2017) via Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights

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