“There was a time when Angelica Lim, a Canadian robotics professor, travelled 20 times a year by plane, often to scientific conferences overseas. Then she took a test to calculate her carbon footprint.

‘I realized that my carbon footprint was something like 20 times over what our goal should be,’ Lim, an assistant professor and artificial intelligence scientist at Simon Fraser University, told CTV News. These days, Lim flies just once or twice a year.
For Lim, tools like Skype and FaceTime are easy ways to stay in touch. Other solutions include Beam, a mobile video conferencing technology; Double 3, a self-driving videoconferencing robot; and virtual reality conferencing using 3D technology.
Universities are beginning to follow suit. Concordia University’s geography department adopted a ‘flying less’ policy earlier this year, which encourages researchers to hold ‘travel-free’ meetings and opt for ground transportation for trips 12 hours or less.”

More on Scientists flying less, or not at all, in movement to curb emissions via CTV news.

Calculate your carbon footprint.

*Tagskryt translates to ‘train brag.’ Travellers are using the word to boast about the low-carbon travel option.

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