silviabo-boklok-ikea-skanska-queen-silvia-sweden-housing-elderly-architecture_dezeen_2364_hero-1233x694.jpg“IKEA and Skanska are collaborating with the Queen of Sweden on an offshoot of their modular BoKlok housing that will meet the needs of the elderly and people with dementia.
There will also be features tailored more specifically for people affected by dementia, including clear and enlarged wayfinding and signage, low shower-walls for assisted bathing, heat sensors for stoves and calming interior finishes for all rooms.
It is hoped that this will enable the elderly – specifically those with memory loss – to live independently and at home for as long as possible, and ultimately help the government save money it would otherwise spend on care.”

More on IKEA and Queen of Sweden adapt modular BoKlok housing for the elderly by Lizzie Crook via dezeen.

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