“The day I received my medical degree, it was a watershed day of my life. A day to celebrate the achievements of those in our graduating class and a day to start examining the failures of the country in which we had done it.” ~ Dr. Nadine Caron

“Dr. Nadine Caron is the first female Indigenous graduate of the University of British Columbia’s School of Medicine, and the first female Indigenous general surgeon in Canada. Nadine asks us the question, is being the first always good. Recorded at TEDxUNBC in Prince George, BC. Dr. Caron asks us to look at the implications of what it means to be the first person to achieve something.”

Learn more from Dr. Caron on The Other Side of ‘Being First’ via UBC Faculty of Medicine’s Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health.

#UBCSchoolOfMedicine #DrNadineCaron #TheSilenceOfBeingFirst

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