Do you ever wonder how you’re doing as a clinical educator? Are you looking for an alternative to receiving feedback and coaching on your teaching? Would you like to share your ideas and tips? 

One of the challenges in medical education is the lack of instructional feedback and mentorship we offer physicians teaching in the clinical setting. Very few individuals truly understand the complexity of educating a person while managing an office and addressing patients’ concerns. 

Peer Observation: By the Preceptors, For the Preceptors is a two-year peer observation initiative, created by and for you, our clinical educators within the UBC Faculty of Medicine’s Family Practice Residency program. This project aims to assist you in building a supportive network of colleagues to strengthen your professional development and enhance the quality of your teaching.  

JOIN US! If you’re a UBC clinical educator and would like to participate in co-creating this platform click here to learn more and participate!

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