The next webinar in the AMEE CPD series will be presented by Simon Kitto on the topic Knowledge translation, patient safety, continuing education, faculty development and quality improvement: opening up the CPD imagination” on Monday, June 3, 2019 at 14:00 (2pm) BST/UK (0600 PST).

This presentation explores the relationship between knowledge translation (KT), patient safety (PS), continuing education (CE), faculty development (FD) and quality improvement (QI) with a view to stimulating new conceptualizations and effective operationalization of continuing professional development (CPD) across the health professions. Together, the forementioned individual modes of intervention activity committed to the improvement of patient care and health outcomes through the enchancement of healthcare professionals’ knowlege skills and clinical practice behaviour.

The AMEE webinar series is currently free of charge and you can register to view the webinar here.

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