“Women have represented roughly half of medical school matriculants for the last 20 years but account for only 22 percent of full professors, and 16 percent of deans and department chairs in U.S. medical schools.

Research across science and medicine shows that women continue to be underrepresented in visible roles. Robyn Klein questioned this discrepancy when she saw that only 13 women were chosen out of 85 invited conference speakers at a neuroimmunology conference. She was told there just weren’t enough highly qualified women in the field. In response, Klein gathered data showing that men and women in neuroimmunology publish at equal rates in high impact journals.

The mission of 500 Women in Medicine is to serve society by making medical knowledge and expertise more collaborative, accessible and inclusive. We strive to unite and connect women physicians across the country and around the world, empower women physicians to grow to their full potential in the field of medicine, and to create a platform promoting visibility for women physicians.”

More on Amplifying the Voices of Women in MedicineThe field has plenty of talented women, but to reach leadership roles they must have visible and recognizable roles within medicine and in the public (2018) by Dr. Kate Gerull via Scientific American.

“Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of.”
Geri Weitzman, PhD

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