Hi! Hope you are well! I recently returned from the Virtual Medicine Conference at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. It was fantastic to learn from the diverse panel of researchers, physicians, and patients that are exploring other alternatives to treatment. A special hat tip to Surgeons and their Surgical Departments for their investment in technologies that assist in medical education, simulation training, and patient health. They’ve been such a positive and influential force in advancing care.

Although virtual reality is a new concept for many, the research in this area has been evolving for over 30 years. Virtual and augmented reality technologies are now contributing to prevention and wellness; objectives assessment and evaluation; functional training; improved interventions; facilitating adherence; and distributed care delivery.  In medical training, VR/AR are being used for clinical, surgical, and interpersonal skills training; use of equipment and tools; team training in ER and Surgical departments; Emergency response training and rehearsal; and empathy.  There’s a great deal of potential in these technologies and how they may help Canadians address our current healthcare challenges.

As it stands, Canada ranks 9th out of 11th in the Commonwealth Fund report. Canada ranks last in timely access to physicians and services and demonstrates an over reliance on expensive hospital care and on physicians. Canadians also rank lowest in access to their health information especially for people in rural and remote areas. Health records for Indigenous Peoples remain largely paper-based. Furthermore, there’s a lack of digital services for mental health issues. There’s a lack of coordination and fragmentation across the provincial and territorial health systems that’s also reflected in our siloed Electronic Health Record (EHR) infrastructure. Our EHR has yet to be tapped to improve our patient care.

How do we change this? By becoming aware and educated on these emerging technologies, exploring their use, and trying it out! If there’s a time to jump outside the box, it’s now!

I’ll be discussing the highlights and pearls gathered at the Faculty Development Breakfast on the 30th. For those unable to attend, here are a few resources and links that I gathered at this event and at the BC Health Summit (2018) for you to peruse:

Canadian Context

Intellectual, Behavioural, & Mental Health 

Diagnosis, Assessment, & Recovery


  • HealthScholars: Deliver, evaluate, target and optimize your training programs from a single, comprehensive, blended learning platform.
  • Dock Health: Secure task management and team collaboration. HIPAA compliant.
  • Medumo: Digital health startup working to help healthcare organizations deliver the right instructions to the right patient at the right time.

Families & Children: Education & Health

Research, Articles, & Reports

Any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me or save them for the breakfast.

Warm regards!


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