“Reading stories and poetry helps me make sense of the seemingly senseless suffering and heartbreak I witness daily as a doctor. In sharing poetry with fellow resident physicians I’ve found I’m not alone in this. Stories and poetry foster personal reflection, deepened empathy, and when shared with others, a sense of community. Words have healing powers.

humchatThis year, I’m trying something new: bringing my love for stories and poetry in medicine to a Twitter chat that I’m calling Medical Humanities Chat, or #medhumchat. Each chat is guided reflection around a few short texts. After the chat, I’ll share the readings, questions, and a few comments from participants here. These blog posts will function as discussion guides that anyone, anywhere can use to foster reflection, empathy and connection in healthcare. It’s #FOAMed (free open access medical education) for the medical humanities.”

Dr. Colleen Farrell on Can Fairy Tales and Poetry Help Us Heal? Learn more about Medical Humanities Chat and see the tweet above to participate in her next session.

#colleenmfarrell #medhumchat

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